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Vray 2 sided material

This page provides information on the Translucent Two-Sided Material. The setup of the VRay2SidedMtl includes a VRayMtl in the Front Material slot, and Check-Box Off. That means V-Ray will use the same material for the Back one as well. These are some examples of common usage for the V-Ray 2-sided Material. UI Paths: ||Hypershade|| > Create panel > VRay section > VRay Mtl 2Sided. || Create Render Node window|| > VRay section > VRay Mtl 2Sided. ||V-Ray Shelf|| > Right-click Create V-Ray Materials button > VRay Mtl 2Sided. The V-Ray 2-Sided Material is a utility material provided with the V-Ray renderer. The material shows light through the backside of the objects. Use this material to simulate thin translucent surfaces like paper, cloth curtains, tree leaves, etc. The translucency can be controlled by either a texture in the Translucency texture.

19 Jun a brief introduction into the V-Ray 2 Sided Material showing some of its uses for shear curtains within architectural interior renders. 21 Oct Via Ronen Bekerman comes a great V-Ray Material Tutorial from Alfa Smyrna ( pixela) who shows how to create a realistic curtain material using a V-Ray 2- Sided material. 14 Nov hello everyone.. am trying to make a curtain that doesn't block all the sun rays, my problem is that am using a 2 sided material i set the refraction.


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