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Version 14 is the previous version of Warrior Cats - Untold Tales. Version 14 was released. I've been looking for ages, and the only place I can find spontaneously downloads V15 instead. D: Help? I REALLY wan't to try that Riverclan cheat! ( That is legal, so it isn't really a cheat).??? "I KNOW THAT I BROUGHT ON THE PRUDLE PLAGUE." -boogers, "AT LEAST IT WASN'T THE STRUDEL. UNTOLD TALES · Home · Forums · Download and Play! FAQ & Features · Discussion/Comments. warriors-_untold_tales_vexe. File Size: kb. File Type: exe. Download File. Download and Play! Ready to start your journey into the Forest Territories? The game is available at the link provided to the left. Thanks for.

21 Feb I am now waiting for a mate and a new apprentice. after that maybe another warrior Anyway, not all the cats on there are the real Hobbyist General Artist. Wait a minute, what version of the Warriors Untold tales is this? I have v14 . well how do you GET MEMBERS? another thing is that v14? Reply. 25 Aug Download warriors untold tales v14 from our server at the best speed. download popular software at the fast speed for your mobile phone. I will tell you! for apprentices, when you press shift you noticed a white bar and everytime your apprentice huntes some green fills in there is be the same one only its red and its for battle. And when your apprentice becomes a warrior it become your best friend. MOSS! finally an answer to getting rouges to live in your clan.

Theres a game i found for a year ago, Warrior cats: Untold tales It lets you costumize your cat, hunt, and fight, get a mate and a kit who grows. Be a rogue (Version currently avaible is V14, V15 is coming out very soon. You can view the developer diaries by the forum: tales. 16 Nov Fighting Warrior Cats Untold Tales Wiki Fandom Powered By Wikia Warrior Cats Untold Tales V14 Hd You Hunting battle patrols as a rogue clan cat warrior cats untold female twoleg warrior cats untold tales warrior cats untold tales part 4 i return you my new rogue camp plans warrior cats untold tales.


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