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년 4월 29일 seolmyeonghal suga eomneun ireon neukkimeul wae naege / juneun geonji nado jareun moreugetjiman / cheoeum bon sunganbuteo neukkimi jeonhaejyeo wasseo geu huro / naneun neoman tteoollyeo nan ppajyeodeulgo isseo / You I feel so good about you cheoeum neukkyeoboneun dugeungeorimi. 년 8월 28일 Feel So Good lyrics (Park Jin Young (JYP)) [hangul,romanization,translation]. When I first saw her, it felt like time had stopped Why is this inexplicable feeling coming to me?I don't really know myself butFrom the moment I first saw you. Nov 26, Of the big three agencies, JYP feels like the best positioned for the coming years. This marks a real resurgence, as it seemed only a couple years ago that they were in danger of slowly drifting away from the k-pop zeitgeist. Then came Twice and GOT7 — both of which have become among this year's best.

If you want to become well known right away, then all 3 companies can work for you. If you want to be treated better and want to last long in the entertainment industry, then don't go to S.M.. Also note that YG does not really take younger artists as much, JYP and S.M. are much better. Feel free to ask any other questions!!:). May 30, J.Y. Park probably rues the day that he didn't accept ChoA when she auditioned to join the company long ago well, maybe not rue but possibly regret a little. ChoA had made a round of all the big name labels including SM and JYP before she was accepted into FNC, debuting under a girl group that is now. I could feel the evening wearing away, that strange ship and all aboard it drawing further and further out of our reach. But the spices set water 'Well,' he sighed. ' Timetogo callon old Stryge,I guess.' 'You don'tseem too eager,' I said. 'It's got dangers ofits own,'Jyp told me. 'But atthis hourthey shouldn't be so bad.' 'Dangers ?.

Nov 20, Earning an income is very important, but I would rather have them happy with the whole experience as artists. If the person lacks either musical talents or integrity, it is my goal to fulfill what is lacking. My dream is to discover someone who posess both musical talents as well as the determination I am looking.


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