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Atanatiya piritha

1 ජන comment1, , [url=”http:// ”] html[/url], http:// , dmozwe. Thus have I heard: [1]. On one occasion the Blessed One was living on the Vulture's Peak near Rajagaha (Rajagir). Then four great kings[2] having placed a guard over the four quarters, with a large army of Yakkhas, of Gandhabbas, of Kumbhandas, of Nagas; having placed troops; having placed a barricade of soldiers on. Duet of Bhante Devananda & Bhante Kusala chanted Atanatiya Sutta at Indiana Buddhist Temple All Night Chanting. On one occasion the Blessed One was living on PlayStopDownload.

Atanatiya Sutta is the 32nd Sutta described in the Digha Nikaya ("Long Discourses of Buddha"). It is a poem for protection from evil spirits presented to Buddha by King Vessavana. References[edit]. Jump up ^ Walshe, Maurice ( ). The Long Discourses of the Buddha: A Translation of the Digha Nikaya. Wisdom. Mahamevnawa Sarwa Rathrika Pirith Sinhala-Pali FULL 6hr Session (). 6: Play Download. ආටානාටිය දේශනාව -Atanatiya Sutta. Play Download. Pirith Sajjhayanawa (පිරිත් සජ්ඣායනාව). Play Download. MAHA PIRITHA (Thun Suthraya). Play Download. jaya piritha, rathnamali. 2 Mar Let us recite this Āṭānāṭiya Sutta now. 1. Vipassissa ca namatthu, cakkhumantassa sirīmato. Sikhissa pi ca namatthu, sabbabhūtanukampino. Homage to Vipassī Buddha, possessed of the eyes of enlightenment and of glory. And homage to Sikhi Buddha, the most compassionate towards all beings. 2.


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