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6 Nov If you have PHP5 and the HTTP stream wrapper enabled on your server, it's incredibly simple to copy it to a local file: copy('', '/ tmp/');. This will take care of any pipelining etc. that's needed. If you need to provide some HTTP parameters there is a third 'stream context' parameter you . php. function cache_image($image_url){. //replace with your cache directory. $ image_path = 'path/to/cache/dir/';. //get the name of the file. $exploded_image_url = explode("/",$image_url);. $image_filename = end($exploded_image_url);. $ exploded_image_filename = explode(".",$image_filename);. $extension. Download & save a remote image on your server using PHP. Posted on Nov 28, Easy way to download and save a remote image on your own server, using php.

Here are my thoughts: Why is this a POST operation at all? Why not GET, since you are not changing ANY data whatsoever? The "parameter" you pass is not meaningful (it is just the base URL of the remote service) and it is not really even used in the server side script other than to append to the image. Single responsibility principle. The uploadRemoteImage is doing too much: determine image type; set output path; decide output method; execute output method. It would be better to create smaller functions with a single purpose. Dead code. The code below die is pointless. What is it doing there? default. I'm looking for a way to use PHP on my main webserver to grab an image off of a private webserver and return it as if it resided on the main server.

30 May Want to download or save any remote images on your server by using simple PHP scripts? In this tutorial I will explain how to download any remoter server images on your server, then keep your close attention in this tutorials as I am going to share “How to Download and Save a Remote Image Using PHP”. For example, you can use this to open a file on a remote web server, parse the output for the data you want, and then use that data in a database query, or simply to output it in a style matching the rest of your website. Example #1 Getting the title of a remote page. php $file = fopen ("", "r"); if (!. 17 Sep How to store images locally with a fast caching script in PHP.


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