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The right to print copies of the Documentation and to make a copy of the related software is limited to the period during which the applicable license for the product remains in full force and effect. Should the license terminate for any reason, it shall be the user's responsibility to certify in writing to CA that all copies and partial. Aug 11, For companies with backup data centers or remote sites, XOsoft's WANSync software can ensure that data at remote failover sites is kept up-to-date. Apr 21, XOsoft Inc. Monday will release the next version of its WANSync data synchronization and replication software with added support for Linux, bit environments and the BlackBerry mobile device. XOsoft's WANSync software comes in two flavors: WANSync High Availability software, which provides.

About WANSync SQL. WANSync SQL is an SQL data recovery solution that uses asynchronous real- time replication to provide cost-effective disaster recovery capabilities for. Microsoft SQL on and bit Windows standalone and cluster servers. WANSync's asynchronous SQL server replication, over LAN or WAN, of. Feb 17, “WANSync worked extremely well right from the start”. Tweet this. XOsoft, a leading provider of business continuity and continuous backup software solutions , today announced that Framatome ANP, the world leader in the design and construction of nuclear power plants and research reactors, has. Dec 15, Dec. 15, XOsoft, a leading provider of Business Continuity software solutions, today announced that it has enhanced its WANSync.

Synchronizing WAN Target Cluster. Starting with Hazelcast you can initiate a synchronization operation on an IMap for a specific target cluster. Synchronization operation sends all the data of an IMap to a target cluster to align the state of target IMap with source IMap. Synchronization is useful if two remote clusters lost. I'm looking for opinions on the Doubletake Vs. Wansync products for use in replicating SQL server data to an off site location for use in our Disaster Recovery plan. I'm looking for comparisons on their respective merits, advantages and disadvantages of both. Anyone out there used them both in the. Dec 15, When you try to apply a WANSync version license key into the CA XOSoft r12 Manager, the following error is displayed 'Unable to convert V4 license to R12 license' (Check the screenshot below). To apply license keys in XOsoft R12, open the r12 Manager and choose Help | Register to open the.


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