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Mym vs navi

GAME #2. Denmark MYM, Ukraine Na`Vi. Bans. Nerubian Weaver Invoker Omniknight, Prophet Spectre Shadow Demon. Enigma Batrider, Holy Knight Enchantress. Picks. Windrunner, Ancient Apparition Broodmother. Earthshaker Crystal Maiden, Venomancer. Beastmaster Tinker, Vengeful Spirit Alchemist. Lanes. Sentinel. ?v=UgQI2rJCCkg The overlay issue with it blocking a large portion of the screen should be fixed for the next video. I. good video, but i miss the part where the tree had only hp left and mym was able to defend somehow because of greedy ukranians trying to get more kills instead of hitting the tree a bit more. i guess this has been made by some mym fanboy cause we also didnt see mid raxes, bot raxes and tree towers go down - which.

Best DotA 1 Game??? MYM vs Na`Vi! @F4F3. Upload date: [F4F3] MYM vs Na`Vi. Yeeaaaaaaaah! i reach DotAHL. thank you all for the support. this is the best DotA 1 game for me, best EU teams, K Likes Comments Shares · Share. English (US); Español · Français (France). 2 Sep Match %dMeet Your Makers vs Natus Vincere result and VODs on Excellent Moscow Cup Season 2 Dota 2. Group Stage / Europe. Сколько лет подряд пересматриваю эти хайлайты и никогда не надоедает мне. video .


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